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CircaGIS - Mapping For Hobbyists.

Welcome to CircaGIS! (6 June 2015)

I produce training videos and publish GIS data geared toward gamers that wish to incorporate them into their hobby. I like to educate gamers that GIS mapping for RPGs, as well as other games and hobbies can be fun and beneficial, but like anything else you need to invest into it to get something out of it. In no way do I profess that this is better than the map artistry that I see daily on various sites, groups or other venues. I like to think of it as an enabler, if you know what you are doing.

Without blathering on too long, please find attached some works, complete or not so complete listed below.

Thanks and Cheers,



Technical Requirements

In order to make use of many of the following files you will need to download and install the following application ArcExplorer for Desktop  as a minimum if using layer packages. This is a FREE viewer produced by ESRI that will allow you to at read, search and edit the provided files along with a few other tricks. More detailed instructions are to be found HERE.


GIS and Gaming Downloads

Downloads including map content packages, shapefiles and rasters for use in ArcGIS Explorer from an assortment of projects I have or continue to work on.


Beale of Boregal - (Numenera - Bad Dreams Script) - PDF
Cylion Basin (Numenera Location Map) - ArcGIS Map Content File (NMF)
Cypher System Mythos Candidates - Spreadsheet
Descriptor and Foci - Compiled List (Numenera) - Spreadsheet
Embered Peaks (Numenera Location Map) - ArcGIS NMF
Empty Machine (Numenera Location)- ArcGIS NMF - Spreadsheet - Notes
Floatstone Lift Carts - (Numenera Transport Method Meandering) - PDF
Generic Tech ruins Generator (Abbreviated Empty Machine) - Spreadsheet
Mycolony (Numenera Location or Setting) - PDF
Occlusion Disc (Numenera Artifact) - PDF
Oddity or Otherwise? (Dual-use Numenera meandering) - PDF
Sental (Numenera Location Map) - PDF - ArcGIS NMF
Spinebacks (Numenera Creature) - PDF
Stone Pool (Numenera Location or Setting) - PDF NEW!
Virtual Reality Cloud (Numenera GM Intrusion) - PDF
The above links provide original fan created content for Monte Cook Games - Numenera RPG. This content is provided "AS IS" and follows fan use policy.


Extracts from The Ramsey Collection

Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

California Shapefiles - Locales - Trail - Rails

California Rasters - Map - Elevation

Colorado Shapefiles - Locales - Trail - Rails

Colorado Rasters - Map - Elevation

Dakota Shapefiles - Locales - Trail - Rails

Dakota Rasters - Map - Elevation

Kansas Shapefiles - Locales - Trail - Rails

Kansas Rasters - Map - Elevation

Nebraska Shapefiles - Locales - Trail - Rails

Nebraska Rasters - Map - Elevation

Nevada Shapefiles - Locales - Trail - Rails

Nevada Rasters - Map - Elevation

New Mexico Shapefiles - Locales - Trail - Rails

New Mexico Rasters - Map - Elevation

Oklahoma Shapefiles - Locales - Trail - Rails - Indian Territories

Oklahoma Rasters - Map - Elevation

Utah Shapefiles - Locales - Trail - Rails

Utah Rasters - Map - Elevation

Wyoming Shapefiles (1886) - Locales - Trail - Rails

Wyoming Rasters (1886) - Map - Elevation

Eclipse Phase

Gea - Fantasy

Gea - Basemap - Elevation - Cities

Cold War

Berlin - Shapefiles


Corp Boundaries - Shapefile


Layer Packages

Agency Globe (Blue) - Globe - Cities
Conflict Globe (Red) - Globe - Cities
Conspiracy Globe (Green) - Globe - Cities



ArcGIS Explorer - FREE GIS Viewer and map composer

QLandkartGT - FREE GPS planning and geo-referencing application

City Map Generator - Free flexible app I use to generate quick maps

Celestia - Free astronomical body modelling app


Map Browsers

Acme Mapper 2.1 - Alternative web-based map service
National Library of Scotland - An interesting UK historical maps browser
NGA GeoNames Search - Web-based gazetteer search and map browser


Medieval Demographics Made Easy - Fantasy World Numbers - S. John Ross
The Medieval Kingdom - Kingdom Hierarchy - Charles Ryan
Real World vs. Fantasy Maps - The World Building School
Numenera RPG - Monte Cook Games
Numenera: The Signal - Numenera Podcast (Made in Canada) Scott C. Bourgois
Eclipse Phase - Posthuman Studios


Historical Map Sources

The David Rumsey Collection - Rasters (Scanned Maps)
Old Maps Online - Rasters (Scanned Maps)
Library of Congress - Rasters (Scanned Maps) and more...
Library of Congress (Alternate) - Rasters (Scanned Maps) and more..
UTexas Collection - Rasters (Scanned Maps)
Internet Archive - Rasters (Scanned Maps) and more..
Earthworks (Stanford) - Rasters (Scanned Maps)
Yale Map Collection - Rasters (Scanned Maps)

Vector Sources

GIS Data Depot - Shapefiles
Global Administrative Areas - Shapefiles
Open Street Map Data Extracts - Shapefiles

General Sources

Natural Earth - Shapefiles and Rasters (Scanned Maps)
NGA GNS Names - Global gazetteer by country (place names)  - Spreadsheets

Scientific and SF Sources

Celestia Motherlode - Skins and add-ons for Celestia

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